Industries, bakeries, department stores, cash and carries,, coffee roasters, airlines and shipping companies have different requirements related to the usage of sugar and sugars.

Figli di Pinin Pero flexibly meets the different requirements offering a varied range of products, always providing the utmost professionalism from processing to delivery.

Sugar storage, processing, transformation and packaging stages are realized in the Figli di Pinin Pero plants. These processes require a high qualification, state of the art equipment, advanced tools and a detailed knowledge of the markets, together with a long experience in the sugar industry.

Today, Figli di Pinin Pero is one of the main players in the sugar industry in Italy and the main national importer of raw cane sugar directly from the countries of origin.


  Refined sugar (1 kg paper bag)     Refined sugar in sachets  
  Refined sugar (10 kg bag)     “GOLD” quick dissolving extrafine sugar in sachets  
  GOLD sugar (1 kg box)     Sugar "STICKS”  
  Raw cane sugar (1 kg paper bag)     “BUSTILLA” in bulk (5 kg case)  
  “DEMERARA” raw cane sugar (500 g)     4SUGAR COLLECTION sugar "Pyramid" shape  
  Bio raw cane sugar 500 g     Raw cane sugar in sachets  
  Liquid cane sugar (700 ml bottle)     “BUSTILLA” raw cane sugar (5 kg case)  
  Sugar in sachet (1 kg plastic bag)     SWEET DIET low-calorie sweetener  
  Raw cane sugar in sachet (500 g plastic bag)     Cane white sugar for cocktails  
  BUSTILLA (250 g case)     SWEET ACTION CALCIO sachet dispenser (750 g)  
  HAPPYDAYS sugar in sachets (500 g case)     SWEET ACTION FIBRE sachet dispenser (750 g)  
  Icing sugar in sachet (1 kg case)     FRUCTOSE sachet dispenser (750 g)  
  Vanilla flavour icing sugar in sachet (1 kg case)     HONEY dispenser (125 sachets)  
  Fructose (500 g can)     Coloured sugar  

  Sugar in bags (25 - 50 kg)     Sugar for automatic dispensers (in 1 kg paper bag)  
  Sugar in big bag (1000 kg)     Sugar for automatic dispensers (in 1 kg plastic bag)  
  Icing sugar in sachets (5 g to 100 g)     Sugar in sachets in kit  
  Icing sugar (5 kg plastic bag)     Sugar in sticks in kit  
  Icing sugar (15 kg bag)     Bustilla Più  
  Nib sugar     Bustilla Più cups  
  Reversac 80 inverted sugar syrup 80 bx     Bustilla Più professional  
  Pure cane fondant sugar     "Kit cortesia" 100 /150 sachets + cups + stirrers  
  Liquid fructose 70 bx        

  The site of Aliberti s.r.l., company of the Pinin Pero group, producer of products for mixed drinks and distillates, as well as distributor of the whole range of sugars produced by Figli di Pinin Pero for the industry.   The site which Figli di Pinin Pero has dedicated to the collectors of Bustilla (the sugar sachet invented by the company) and sugar sachets.
New series, classifiers and whatever may useful to the fans of this type of collecting, as well as a nice way to approach a new experience!
  An important event, a distinctive gift or a nice gesture? HAPPYSUGAR is right for you!! It allows to customize a limited amount of sugar sachets with images of your choice, printed with very high definition to make them fully similar to photographic prints. HAPPYSUGAR is a very creative idea for corporate events (conventions, conferences, presentations, fairs, etc).   "sug@R(T)_house" is the Corporate Documentation Center of Figli di Pinin Pero, located in Nizza Monferrato, which hosts the Company Archive, the Sugar Sachet Museum, and the events related to the artistic/cultural route "sug@R(T)".
This site will be a new reference point to spend an interesting day in the Monferrato area, between curiosities and culture, and to provide teaching materials to any school.
  With Waves of sugar, Figli di Pinin Pero wants to valorise and spread the knowledge of different origins of raw cane sugar. For this reason, we have selected with expertise and passion the Grand Cru sugars. Thanks to our experience and a careful search for the best and most representative productions of the sub tropical areas, we want to provide an original and complete range of raw cane sugars to allow the appreciation of the multiple organoleptic characteristics which characterize the different origins.  
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